How to Make a Steel Building More Attractive

Steel buildings have many advantages. They require little effort to maintain, are inexpensive and energy-efficient, defend against mold and mildew, and aren’t difficult to construct. Repairs are also quick and easy. There is little wonder as to why many people are choosing steel buildings for their storage, work, and even residential needs. With some knowledge, it’s also possible for your building to look fantastic. Here are some ways you can make your building look not only the way you want it to, but attractive and pleasing to everyone else as well.

Choosing the Right Colors For the Exterior

Making the right choice for the color of your building’s exterior is an important step to making sure your building looks as attractive as you can make it. Manufacturers will let you choose just about any color you can think of. The color you choose will depend on the use of the building, as well as the taste and preferences of those who will be making use of it. Shades like slate gray are great for industrial uses, but might not be the best choice if the building is to be used for lodging purposes. In that case, you might opt for colors more typical of residential buildings or hotels in your area.

Choosing the Right Roof

The design of your building’s roof will also have a key impact on its aesthetics. Aside from practical considerations such as the weather of the region in which construction will take place, taking the use of the building into consideration will go a long way in ensuring it looks great. If the building will have residential uses, consider adding design elements of familiar roofing on homes, such as shingles. More utilitarian, modern designs can also be appealing, but they are more appropriate for industrial or business-related uses.

Choosing the Right Doors, Windows, and Exterior Design

The best doors and windows for your needs will also depend on the needs of the people who use it. Doors that open automatically can be a smart idea for business and storage uses, but might not be appealing for residential purposes. The needed amount of security can also make an impact on the design of the doors and windows. If potential for theft is an issue, choose an alarm system or durable, heavy-duty glass rather than unsightly bars for the windows. Many solutions for those who need secure doors are also available. Drab, boring exteriors can be spiced up with accents such as bricks or even stucco.

Choosing the Right Landscaping

Any building will look better when appropriate landscaping is added. Try lush yet well-kept landscaping if it would be sustainable in your climate. For arid regions, using native plants can not only make your landscaping look fantastic, it will also cut down significantly on water usage and expenses. Adding trees will also dramatically improve the aesthetics of your building as well as any other construction project. As with all landscaping, maintenance and appropriate care for the plants that comprise it is a must.


Taking a look at other buildings that suit the purpose you need is the best idea to get inspired on how to design your building. Landscaping is also another great way to dramatically improve the look and appeal of not just your building, but the surrounding area as well. Remember that you’re not limited to designs resembling gray boxes. Steel buildings are very customizable, and it’s possible to construct just the building to suit your needs.