Building a Strong Home with Steel

When someone contemplates building a new home, no matter what size they are considering, it’s easy to overlook the possibilities of building with steel. Many imagine that using steel in the construction of a home would be expensive, but they are mistaken. Raising a steel building can in the long run be far more cost effective than other traditional materials.

Giving the Home Strong Bones

Starting with a steel frame will provide the home with greater durability than a wood frame house. There is less waste of materials in the construction, because the steel beams arrive fully prepared for their place in the structure. The contractor orders the beams sized exactly to the specifications of the house blueprint, and the bolt holes that will secure the joints are pre-cut before delivery. Each piece is marked for its specific location, allowing for speedy assembly of the house frame.

Flexibility of Space

Because of the strength of steel, larger open spaces are available for interior layout. The need for multiple interior supporting beams is diminished. This allows for greater possibilities in designing the interior spaces of the home. Cathedral ceilings, wide open gourmet kitchens, specially placed lofts, all these options are within reach with a steel supporting structure.

Fire Resistant

One big advantage to steel buildings is their greater resistance to the worst ravages of fire. When a steel roof is added to the frame, you have a greater possibility of avoiding the total loss of the building to fire. If the home is being constructed in a region prone to wildfires, this added layer of protection can be very attractive to the home builder.

Energy Efficient

Another aspect of using steel in construction is that it is much easier to insulate such a building than it is to insulate a wood frame structure. Preventing the loss of heat In the winter and retaining the cool air during the summer can save the home owner much in energy costs. Additionally, the durability of the structure provides greater resistance to the attacks of nature from winter storms, high winds, and even earthquakes.

Dreams Can Come True with Steel

The building of a new home represents the vision of someone who wants a warm, welcoming, and safe haven from the world outside. The open space possibilities of a steel frame allow for many breath-taking and delightful areas in the home, at considerably less cost than might otherwise be called for. Additionally, because the steel arrives at the construction site already prepared for the specific design, the assembly of the frame proceeds quickly. Construction times are cut when using steel. For the ecologically conscious homeowner, there is also the appeal of little wasted material in the construction process.

Choosing to build with steel will provide the homebuilder with the promise of long-term durability and stability, resistance to the harshest weather conditions, and the space to make the interior a haven that most can only dream about. Before anyone begins construction on a new home, they should consider the benefits to be gained by using steel.