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What Does It Take To Start A Gold Mine?

Steel Building For Mining

Mining gold can be a rewarding hobby as well as a lucrative endeavor. In recent years, the price of gold has increased steadily as other, less objective, forms of currency have weakened. There are trace amounts of gold locked in the rocks and soil almost everywhere on earth. The key to mining gold is to find it in a high enough concentration to be easily extracted. While there are many different techniques, processes, and different approaches to extracting gold from the earth, all gold extraction can be divided into two basic categories, mining and gathering. Mining gold is the process of extracting gold deposits directly from the bed rock found in the crust of the earth. Gold deposits in the bedrock can be reached either by digging a shaft to them or by stripping layers of rock away until the gold deposits are exposed. Gold can also be gathered from places on earth where it accumulates naturally. In a few places on earth, gold can be found on the desert floor simply by using a metal detector. However most gold is gathered from streams or riverbeds where it accumulates over the course of many years by means of erosion. Whether mining or gathering gold, there are a number of things to consider about the equipment you will need to ensure success.


Even a small operation, good organization is required to ensure success. You must decide what type of equipment you will need based on the type of site you intend to mine. In some places special permits will be required. You may also need written permission from the owner of the property you intend to mine. Transportation and storage of your equipment are another important consideration. In most mines and riverbeds, the climate and seasonal rains make mining impractical for much of the year. A steel building can be a cost-effective solution to storing your equipment. If you are able to leave your equipment on site, having a steel building erected at your mine will allow you to store your equipment securely. If you are going to mine rivers or various locations, you may want to consider having a steel building built on your own property to store your mining equipment during the off-season. Transportation will be another concern. Many sites will not be easily accessible. A truck with a high payload capacity and four-wheel-drive will be a necessity.


The first step, when mining or gathering gold, is to extract pay-dirt. Pay-dirt is unrefined soil and rock which is rich in gold. When mining, you’ll need heavy digging equipment to extract pay-dirt from the earth. If you plan to gather gold from riverbeds, you will need dredging equipment. They dredge is a mechanical vacuum which extracts sediment from the riverbed and deposits the raw sediment into a sluice or gold trap device. The sluice refunds the raw sediment into pay-dirt. Once you have pay-dirt, another step is required to extract pure gold from pay-dirt. The oldest method is to pan the pay-dirt by hand, but this is a very time-consuming method. There are a number of mechanical panning devices and gold separators on the market.

Whether you plan to explore gold-mining as a hobby or a major source of income, it can be an enjoyable and lucrative experience.